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  • Name : KPN-REV_VIDMAX !.ktr
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HTTP Injector
Understanding HTTP Injector is an android application used to run SSH (Secure Shell) or VPN (Virtual Private Network) that is packaged in such a way as to produce a secure connection. In addition to the SSH account settings in this application there is also Payload Generator whose function is to generate payload method used for free internet. In addition there are other support tools such as IP Hunter and HOST Checker. IP Hunter is used to replace the original Proxy from the carrier service provider.

Currently http injector is widely used to generate free internet. This application can be used for all operators in Indonesia such as Indosat, Telkomsel, axis, XL, Three (3) and others. Of course it requires special settings to be able to produce free internet. You need to know, that each operator settings are different. You can use this app even though your hp adroid is not yet or without root first.

HTTP Injector is an application for professional use designed to manage HTTP headers. Plus, you can access blocked sites behind firewalls using SSH channels. And do not need root.
The use of HTTP Injector is rather complicated, but the official web page has a helpful manual. In addition, you can import configurations created by other users in just a few seconds.
In HTTP Injector there is also a series of different tools. For example, IP Hunter lets you search for local IPs, while diagnostics give you the opportunity to check that everything is working well on your device.